Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Wonderland

This year we had lots of snow in Vernal for Christmas. We went sledding/tubing twice in the few days we were home. The first picture of the men racing on runner and plastic sleds. Reed has Kaden, Grandpa has Kai and Dustin has Logan. It ended up being a short race....all sleds went different was still really fun to watch.
Abbie was brave and fearless. All the girl cousins went on a tube together...they laughed the whole way. Isaac and Kaden started playing in the snow and I got a rare picture of them sitting still.
Reed making us laugh like usual...always lightening the mood. Kaden loved riding the runner sled with dad.
Abbie and Reed were fearless as they took the hill on the tube like tricksters.
I love this picture of Kaden and I. I rarely get such good photos of us both. Kaden had the idea for the picture...."Mom, take a picture of us together..." Too Cute!!
Isaac and Abbie raced quite a few times...once they were up at the top...they were quickly back to the bottom to do it again.
Santa brought the kids a bounce house...and all the cousins got to enjoy it. It barely fit in the large room downstairs in my parents house. The kids had a great time but, we had to take turns because there were too many cousins to all go at once.
Abbie asked for a bike and chocolate chips for Christmas. Funny request huh? She got a stuffed animal puppy to go on the extra little carrier on her bike and guess what she named it? Chocolate chip!! Isaac got some star wars figurines and his beloved GAMES!! He is in heaven for sure. I'm glad it's being used as a reward system...he sure is motivated. Kaden wanted bad, bad, baseball (maybe batter, batter, baseball) but, even santa couldn't figure out that one. It's a good thing he loved his remote control car and kids educational laptop. Santa sweated a few bullets for sure!!
Christmas was great this year and the kids had a great time with their cousins. Thanks everyone for making it such a great year to be home!!
Cassy Final

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