Monday, March 22, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Came!

Isaac put the tooth in a baggie incase the tooth fell off the bunk bed, the tooth fairy would be able to find it!! That would be...tragic!
Just some fun news to share...Isaac lost his first tooth. It has been "wiggly" for a while but, Reed just couldn't convince Isaac that tying the tooth to the dog's collar and then throwing the bumper to get the tooth pulled out, was a good idea. Reed has been trying to get Isaac to do lots of funny things to get his tooth to come out but, Isaac would just laugh and tell him no. It finally came out and Isaac was so excited to put it under his pillow so the tooth fairy could come and give him some money. The tooth fairy was excited..this being the first tooth in this family and had to think long and hard about how much to give. Luckily the tooth fairy was smart enough to realize this wasn't going to be the last tooth and this could get expensive with other siblings to follow. So, the tooth fairy brought a crisp dollar bill with coins to equal another dollar. Isaac was so excited and informed us that the tooth next to it is "wiggly" too and can't wait for it to fall out too! Goodie...I just better inform the tooth fairy to keep change on hand from now on. LOL!!
Cassy Final


  1. Congratulations Isaac! I still remember the first time I got a visit from the tooth fairy. So fun!


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