Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anniversary No. 9

Our wedding anniversary was on July 21st. We got a baby sitter and spent the first hour of our date night at back to school night. How romantic!?! The best part was going to dinner with JUST the two of us. It was really nice to spend time together and remember all the reasons you married this great person. Reed's present to me was awesome. Let me give a little back history. After Jacob was born my wedding ring finally got tight enough that we had it cut off. We had been trying to get it off ourselves for years. Talk about commitement...hee really, we were planning to do this anyway but, wanted the ring in the baby pictures because we knew we would want that. So, we had been waiting until after Jacob was born to do something about the ring and when my finger started acting weird a week after the funeral we knew it was time to do something about it. So, we had it cut off and the jeweler suggested waiting at least a few weeks to a few months for my finger to get somewhat normal. To this day I still have a permanent impression. Even with my wedding ring off it still looks like I have some sort of ring on.

Anyway, for our anniversary Reed surprised me by getting it sized and engraved with the same saying I put on his ring when we were married 9 years ago. The really funny part is that he was on the home phone when his cell phone rang. He handed me his cell to answer it and the first things after I said hello on the phone were "This is morgan jewelers, your ring is sized and engraved and ready to be picked up." I get the biggest smile on my face just as Reed ended the phone call. I put my hand over the phone and tell him he'll be sorry he gave me the phone. He gets on the phone and he's instantly crushed that they ruined the surprise. Oh well, I hate surprises even though Reed will tell you I don't...I really do hate surprises. I guess it depends on which kind.
So, I was surprised with my ring but, one of the best parts about the date was the card he gave me with the ring inside. Have you ever gotten a card that was perfect...

On Our Anniversary
Nobody knows our journey-
where we've been or where we're going.
Nobody knows what we know about coming together,
working it through,
believing in love...
Nobody knows what we know about thundering storms,
peaceful skies, and soothing each other's souls...
Nobody knows the beautiful heights of our journey.
But we do.
We do.
And I love every step of this journey with you.
Happy Anniversary

Thank you Reed for the card and the beautiful things you wrote in it to me. I love you so much. I truly believe that what we have been through and the depths of concern we have for each other are probably not accomplished in any other way except going through something extremely trying.  We have come through stronger as a couple only by putting the concern we had for each other ahead of concern for ourselves. You have been there through the hardest moments of my life and have been my constant. I know how hard it was to let me cry because nothing else that would ease the pain inside and all you could do was let me cry and be there for me. I couldn't have gone through this with anyone else but you. You are apart of me. Nobody knows what we know about soothing each other's souls, coming together and trusting that everything would work out like it was supposed to. I love you with all the depth of mine. Love you always and forever.

Cassy Final

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