Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Tid Bits Of Our Life

Have you ever as a mom had a lightbulb moment about one of your kids? I did...just today. I just figured out that my youngest, Kaden doesn't like sweet treats. This doesn't mean that he won't eat them...I just always thought he was littler than the others and just wouldn't eat all of his snacks. It wasn't until after soccer tonight that I had my brilliant lightbulb moment. Earlier today I noticed that he drank half of his fruit smoothie (all fruit with yogurt and ice) and thought that was a little strange but, he was off playing with Abbie and I didn't think twice about it until now. This picture above is his snack after soccer. What kid doesn't eat all his cookies? Especially when there's only a few in the small kid bag and they just spent an hour running and working up an appetite. Abbie ate every one of her cookies...then it all came together. Everything just came together and all the dots connected....and I start to think.....yesterday for an after school snack he wanted crackers. He's had a sucker for over a week, waiting for the perfect time to eat it. He LOVES plain, crinckle potato chips over any other potato chip. Wow, a kids that likes salty/savory over sweet.  To think he's four and I just figured out what he prefers or maybe he's just figuring that out....who knows, maybe I just haven't paid enough attention. So, here's to being super sluth mom detective and realizing that my little boy would like something just a little different than the other two and will choose salty/savory over sweet. I think it's fine he likes that but, I feel a little silly I just realized that and he's four!

I am really excited for Halloween and happened to be in a store yesterday that sold some Halloween items. Abbie and Kaden found these LED light eyeball balls. When they bounce, the eye lights up in a whole rainbow of colors at different speeds.They would bounce and catch them as they walked around the store. Quite a few clerks commented on their "neat" balls.  I thought they were fun and the kids bounced them around the ENTIRE store as we were shopping. So, I bought them for the kids. One has red glitter, one purple and the other black glitter (so they could tell who's was who's, all you mom's know what I'm talking about) I guess I just didn't expect to turn around the corner tonight and see an eyeball staring back at me balanced on the top of a Jedi light Saber. I found myself laughing and just had to share this funny find! Enjoy!
Cassy Final

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  1. It's okay Cassy. Sometimes it takes us awhile to figure these things out. LOL! :) Anna is my kid like that. Does not like cookies (even homemade ones - WEIRD)and cake is not her thing and she always tells me that she does not want anything like that in her lunch for school. Of course I just can't relate. HA!


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