Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Green Ninja Turtles First Official Soccer Game

I love Abbie and Kaden's(Abbie's #5 and Kaden's #7) coach and assistant coaches. They are great and really want the kids to learn the fundamentals. They are very careful to stress that no matter who wins, they can know they did their best. I love that attitude because winning a soccer game isn't everything and I really just want the kids to have fun and learn to play the sport.
I was so proud of Abbie this game (Kaden stayed out the second half, he said he ate too much macaroni and cheese for dinner LOL). She really wasn't afraid of the ball and really got in there and made some good plays.
Great Job Abbie, you played hard!! I'm sorry you had a tummy ache Kaden but, I am glad that you are excited to play next game. Good Job Green Ninja Turtles, you played a great game!!

Cassy Final

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