Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Melon Days in Green River, Utah

Melon Days wouldn't be Melon Days without a large slice of watermelon appropriately leading the parade through the small town. This watermelon slice has been in the parade since the 60's!
Kaden waiting for the parade to start. The kids got a little restless waiting for the parade to start and made hats out of their candy bags.(Don't worry, they made sure I knew they wouldn't put them down on their face. They were ONLY hats, MOM!!)
My brother-in-law's family were in the parade and made sure that we knew they were passing by. We were SHOWERED with candy.  We had been warned that they were going to make sure we got candy. They threw TONS of candy and the kids were thrilled! It was fun because they were at the front of the parade and the cousins were able to join us for the end of the parade.
It was really fun to see all the bands in the parade.
Every year there is a new t-shirt. This float shows all the past t-shirts.
Isaac was off with the cousins playing so Abbie, Kaden and I went and got some of the all-you-can-eat watermelon. That's all they do all day in the corner of the park is cut watermelon and serve it to the public. Super YUMMY!!!
My neice performed in a little dance group and she did a great job!
I bought the kids a green band that allowed them to play on all of the blow-up toys all day long for $2. They loved that they could play on them as much as they wanted. I love watching them play and laugh while having such a good time.
Isaac on the lightining McQueen Slide. It was HUGE!
This is Kaden after he came off the slide. He was laughing and asked if he could go again and again.
It was really warm in Green River and we drank a TON of water.  Luckily a float in the parade was rolling out tons of water bottles from their float. We ended up with a lot of water. Good thing, it was hot in the afternoon and we drank a lot of it.
I let each of the kids pick out a toy. I told them this as we were walking around before the parade. Isaac yells, "That's what I want!!!" He was pointing to a $90 mountain board. My mom and I just laughed and my mom leans over to me and say,"maybe you should specify a price limit." It was so funny. The boys ended up with these lighted swords that made sword noises as they play fought. Allisha's boys ended up with the same swords and they had a great time play fighting.
Due to the warm weather. My kids ended up in the water feature at the park. Abbie came back drenched!
My nephew Micah loved the water just as much as Abbie and they both came back drenched.
The kids loved getting wet and it was the perfect weather to play in a water feature. Great way to cool off after a hot day at the park.
The last thing we did was watch the square dancers before we left the park for the evening. After watching the performers for a little while, the kids do si doed all the way to the car. What a great time spent in Green River at Melon Days! We'll definetely have to come again, we had a great time!

Cassy Final

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