Friday, October 1, 2010

Fire House Open House

Families were invited to the Fire House Open House for CubScouts pack meeting. Reed was working so I took the kids with me and they LOVED IT!! I had such a good time watching the kids enjoy the event so much.
The first things the kids got in line for was to get on the police motorcycles. They let you get on and see what it would be like to ride the motorcycle. Isaac thought this was so cool. He was asking the officer where the gas pedal was...the officer showed him where it was and how to use it but, told him it wouldn't do anything because it was turned off. Isaac still thought that was cool. That's what he currently wants to be when he grows up...a policeman. Last year it was a Krispy Kreme Donut maker...becuase then you could get all the donuts you wanted!! Definetely the logic of a six year old!! Too funny! 

Kaden got shy and didn't get on the motorcycle for me to take pictures. This was the best I could get...ten feet away once I pried him off of me. He got a little scared but, wasn't scared of the other things we did. 
The kids got passports...that they had to get six stamps in, which meant they had to do six of the twelve stations. The kids learned how to crawl under the smoke, check the door if it's hot and how to crawl out of the window to safety. It was a pretty fun station!
Abbie jumping through the window to safety.
At one of the stations they got to use the fireman's hose. The video is of all three kids using the fireman's hose to put out a "fire". You'll see in the video it's a red painted peice of wood that is the fire! Too fun!

The kids watched a demonstration on how fast a home can burn from a candle or an electrical fire. It took just over three minutes to burn like this!

By this point...the firemen came in with their hose to douse the fire. The crowd was moving back because the heat was SO intense. 
We watched life-flight leave the park behind the fire station. 
Once the kids earned their six stamps they got to earn a goodie bag full of fire safety stuff. They loved their bags and I was proud of them for earning their six stamps in their passport. Some of the stations took a lot of waiting in line. 
After we earned out six stamps we went and got in the long line waiting for a RIDE in the firetruck. Yep, not just getting to go through the fire truck but, actually riding around the block with lights and sirens! This was the highlight of the evening!! You can see how light it was outside when we got in line and by the time it was our turn we had waited 35 minutes in line and it had gotten dark. The kids didn't care they had never ridden in a firetruck before and actually I hadn't ever either. It was a new experience for all!! 
While we were waiting in the firetruck line the life-flight helicopter came back and landed. It was cool seeing it at night with all of it's landing lights. 
The kids were next in line for their turn on the firetruck and they were REALLY excited! 
Kaden was excited and was jumping up and down when the fire truck rounded the corner and it was almost our turn. He kept saying, "This is awesome!" while he was jumping up and down! 
This is the firetruck on it's last time around the block before it was our turn. 
The kids climbing in the fire truck. 
I could hardly get Kaden to look at me because he was mesmerized watching the lights and listening to the sirens. Too cool....buddy! 
The inside of the fire truck is really big...I was surprised how much room is in these large fire trucks. 
This is the last thing we saw as we left for the evening. We even dialed dad as we were walking back to the vehicle. The kids was just SO excited to tell them what they had just got to do!! 
Ride in a Fire Truck, of course!!

Cassy Final

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