Friday, October 29, 2010

Syracuse City Annual Pumpkin Walk

Our family was originally planning on going to the pumpkin walk on friday. Our neighbors and friends invited us to go with them a day earlier on thursday which was opening night of the pumpkin walk. Reed was called off from work and so we took them up on their offer and went to the pumpkin walk. It was CRAZY!!! We actually ended up spending over an hour in line before we even got to the entrance. The actual pumpkin walk was HUGE!! There were hundreds of pumpkins that were carved by the community.
This is at the entrance. Pretty cute little characters.
These two were my favorite.
The police force was dressed up at Star Wars Characters. The kids got pictures by EVERY different set. Isaac was in Star Wars Heaven.
Storm Trooper and Captain Rex (Honestly, I didn't know some of these characters but, Isaac sure did!)
Here is the official entrance.
I love this one because it says "neighborhood witch". I thought it was cute.
The kids took time to look at every pumpkin. The walk was slow enough that you could really enjoy each one. Here's some of our favorites.
I wish this picture had turned out better. You can vaguely see Joseph Smith and Presiden Monson. They were SO COOL! Too bad my picture didn't.
This was one of the boy's favorites.
The kids all thought this one was REALLY scary.
On the corners of the walk there were TONS of pumpkins. I couldn't believe how many pumpkins had been carved by the community.
Some tables were set up with special THEMED displays.
Kaden loved this one from Toy Story.
I loved the little guys from the movie despicable me.
Isn't he SO cute! I thought they were so funny in the movie.
This is what Isaac is being for Halloween. Optimus Prime.
The sesame street gang.
Fun Monster.
Isaac loved the one of the video game control. Shocking...REALLY!!
This is what Kaden is going to be for Halloween. BATMAN!!
Some of the pumpkins were so intricate....they really spent some time.
I had never seen a pumpkin like this before...pretty creative.
Who doesn't love Oscar the Grouch!?!
At the end of the pumpkin walk the Syracuse Royalty was handing out a little bag of candy to the kids.
Althought the wait was really long....the kids really enjoyed looking at all the pumpkins. This is an event we will have to make an annual event for our family. By the time we got home...the kids went right to bed. Not too bad for the parents either!
The local police force dressed up as various Star Wars Characters....they were REALLY cool looking and Isaac wanted a picture by all of them. Kaden was a little intimidated by the guy in the black mask.
Great Evening and even greater ideas for pumpkin carving. Although...I don't know if we'll spend as much time as some of those people spent on some of those pumpkins...they were pretty detailed. Pretty cool!!

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  1. Wow, those are pretty intense. Very cool. Much better than the ones that I carved today. :)


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