Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Halloween

Due to Halloween being on Sunday this year the festivities were moved to saturday. This means that Halloween and my birthday were celebrated together. was one fun day!! The day started with Reed making homemade pancakes and put a candle in my pancake and the kids and Reed sang happy birthday to me. Too fun!
Each of the kids had to clean their own pumpkin this year. They thought it was cool that they could do it by themselves. Then onto the carving of designs.
Abbie carved a spider. Isaac carved his own designed jack-o-lantern face. Kaden carved the batman logo. Reed carved a hunting dog sitting in the duck swamps and I carved the little yellow guy from despicable me. I think they are too cute.
We went to the church carnival and the kids LOVED the cake walk. Reed and I didn't know if we were ever going to move onto another carnival game because it took a while for all three kids to win a prize. 
Isaac's favorite was the fishing pond. He kept winning light flashers to wear on Halloween night.  
Kaden winning his popcorn ball at the cake walk. 
Soups and Chili's with breadsticks for lunch. 
Trunk or Treat after lunch. 
Each of the kids chose their costumes this year. This was the first time we didn'thave a theme. Kinda sad that they are that old that they don't want to be a theme but, fun that they got to each choose their own. 
The kids trunk-or-treating!
After the rain finally stopped the kids were ready to go trick-or-treating to the neighbors. It's a tradition so we just had to buy extra candy this year. 
Kaden carved the go with his batman costume.
We sat our pumpkins outside and lit them to glow for Halloween. 
Isaac's pumpkin is in front. It was his own jack-o-lantern face design. 
This is Reed's lab puppy who Isaac said looks like a puppy on it's own island. 
This is my despicable me little yellow guy. 

The pumpkins are lit and the kids are ready to go trick-or-treating. 
Glow sticks in hand. 
After quite a few houses Kaden and I headed home to hand out candy. His legs were tired and I guess he had enough candy because he was happy to help. 
Isaac finally coming home with a bucket of candy. 
Once all the kids were home they all helped hand out candy. 
The kids friends came by and they had a lot of fun giving candy when they came to trick-or-treat. 
Abbie's spider pumpkin. She was a spider witch for halloween. Must be a theme with her this year. 
Such a fun halloween. Almost was rained out but once the rain stopped it was a wonderful evening of spooks and treats.Cassy Final

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