Thursday, November 18, 2010

Conference Speakers

Today Reed and I were asked to speak at the Davis County's Women in Business Conference. We were the guest speakers to talk about Angel Watch and tell our story. Carolyn (over angel watch) spoke for the first few minutes and introduced us. We were asked to speak for about 35 minutes.
It was scary and yet we felt like we were supposed to do this. We prayed that we might be able to say those things that we felt like we should say that would be helpful to others. It was quite the experience. It was scary as we pulled into the parking lot and it was full and the only parking we found was at the back of the building. That's when I got nervous. We really didn't know how many people would be coming. The women at the conference were so kind and made us feel so welcome. It actually felt a little bit healing to be able to tell our story.
We want to thank Carolyn for asking us to speak. It felt like a way to help Angel Watch to try and repay them for all that they did for us and helping us through a really tough journey. Educating people about Angel Watch and what they do is a little way we can help to educate the community about these type of services. Angel Watch is a non-profit organization and they do everything for free for the families of babies with lethal diagnosis'. How can we ever repay these gracious women for the services they provide. They gave us the tools and information we would need to make our experience with Jacob the best possible through a tough journey.
To find out more information about Angel Watch you can visit their website.

Thank you Angel really were angels in times of need. Love You!

Cassy Final

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