Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Turkey????

This is kinda a funny little story. I was at work last night working the swing shift which means I get off before 11 p.m. I am the first one that gets off shift for the swing shift and I love that shift. I was driving home and had already turned the corner by the Smith's grocery store at our house. As I am passing the last turn-in to the grocery store I remember that we used the last of the gallon of milk. I remember this as I am past the last turn in and have to flip around to turn into the grocery store. I didn't have any kids so I knew I could be quick. I was tired and it was 11:15 p.m. so I wasn't going to get a cart or anything...I could carry a gallon of milk...RIGHT???? Well, I get back to the milk fridges and decide well, I better get two or I'll be back here in 2 days (my kids love milk). So, I decide to grab 2 gallons. As I am turning to walk to the cashier I notice their gallons of real orange juice are on sale and my kids love this orange juice as does my husband. So, I think.....well why not....I can carry 3 gallons. By the time I am half way to the cashier I am thinking....why am I CARRYING 3 gallons...MAN, I should have gotten a cart! Oh well, I see the first cashier light on as I walk down the isles of cashier and plop my gallons on the first possible edge of the conveyor belt. It's only funny because it wasn't running at the time so as I walked down to the pay spot...the cashier and I have to wait for the cashier to turn on the belt so my milk and juice can come slowly down to be scanned. There wasn't anyone in front of me so I didn't feel TOO bad as we watched them slowly come down the belt. (Thank goodness it isn't too long because I already felt silly for putting it way on the end...BUT it was heavy and the only time I ever carry three gallons is into the house and it's only 10 steps) Anyway, the cashier rings up my milk and juice and I am swiping my debit card to be done with the transaction and the lady asks me "Do you want a free turkey?" I look at her like.."what are you talking about" and she states again "would you want a free turkey?" I slowly answer "I guess". She then tells me that the gentleman in front of me purchased a turkey and asked her to give it to the next person in line. There wasn't anyone in line when I got there, so I have no idea who this was. She goes to retreive the bird from the freezer and it is HUGE!! I was a 22.5 lb turkey. So, now I have 3 gallons of milk and juice and she is trying to hand me an enormous turkey. She looks at me and my predicament and the cashier offers to carry the turkey to a cart for me. (You get a free bird and then someone even has to carry it for you...this was just too funny) So, we get almost to the cart area and there is a small shopping cart sitting there abandoned like it was there just for me. The cashier and I just chuckled over how perfect the cart placement was and she helped me put everything in the cart. I get out to my car and just start to chuckle....Reed is never going to believe what just happened. This kind of stuff never happens to me!! I pull into the garage and park the car. With my lunch bag and purse, I have to leave the food in the car and go inside to set everything down. Reed is waiting up for me and I tell him he's never going to believe what just happened and he has to help me unload the car. He helps me take my two gallong of milk, 1 gallon of juice and 1 enormous turkey into the house as I tell him the full the last second I realized I needed ONE gallon of milk and had to U-turn to go back to smiths grocery store to get ONE gallon of milk.....Cassy Final


  1. That is pretty cool. I only have one complaint. You said that stuff like this never happens to you, but I disagree. Stuff like this ALWAYS happens to you. You are one Lucky duck!! :)

  2. that's awesome! what a nice person to buy a turkey for someone he doesn't even know... I think I want to do something nice for someone! :) thanks for sharing!


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