Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Go Orange Tigers!!

This is Isaac's first official game as a orange Tiger. He played defender! He was really good at this position and even had the whole side line laughing when he kicked it really far away from the goal and said, "TAKE THAT!!" All of us mom's were cracking up!! Isaac, you are SO funny!!
Isaac is wearing #5...and I guess you can guess why he picked's the same number as Abbie!
He took his turn and sat out for a little while during the first half. Then he got to change positions.
During the second half Isaac played goalie. He really had to play this half. He couldn't do the throw over his head very far so it would keep coming back to the him quickly. We'll have to work on that kind of throw. It's a good thing he was really good at goal tending because he had to do it a lot!! You did great Isaac and they only got in two goals (one on accident from his own teammate kicking it the wrong way, oh well!). You played great! You really played as a team!
Your team played great and worked together! Great game Tiger's!
Can't wait to see you play again!
Cassy Final

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