Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Farmington Canyon Scouting Trip

Reed wanted to get out of the house and I didn't want to be left behind so we came to a compromise and decided to take the whole family up the canyon. Reed was able to scout the area and the kids and I had a picnic dinner of PB&J sandwiches.
The kids all had binoculars and did some scouting and were really excited when Reed came into view over the horizon. He finished scouting and joined us for the rest of our picnic.
Yummy PB&J sandwiches....that make a smiley faces. Cute Abbie!
The kids playing on the hill.
Then we watched the sun set as we finished our picnic.
Reed enjoyed scouting the area and the family was able to enjoy the scenery and have a great picnic together.
Then we watched as the sun set over the great salt lake. I love the sunsets in Farmington Canyon. It's always a spectacular view.
Cassy Final

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  1. Great Pics Cassy... you should send them into KSL and maybe you would be the photo winner and be on their yearly calendar.. :)
    Love ya,


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