Thursday, September 16, 2010

Angel Watch Candle-Lighting Ceremony

The First Annual Candle-Lighting Memorial
Angel Watch Babies
Saturday, Sept. 11 at 7:00 p.m.
At This is the Place Heritage Park Pioneer Children's Cemetery
When we arrived we made name tags and they had us write who we were the parents to. We added it in blue because that was Jacob's color. The view is spectacular from this park.
The kids were excited to be in such a pretty place. They played with the leaves and enjoyed the scenery.
We each took turn lighting our candle from Kay and Caroline (Angel Watch) and then telling everyone our child's name and our child's birth, death date. It was really touching to see how many lost them this year and from year's past. We met some neat people that had lost their little angel in May. It was really neat to meet some amazing people that have made the best out of their situation and have done some good despite their circumstances.
As we finished lighting all the candles, the sun was setting over the mountains. How perfect and serene it was....a perfect way to honor the children that were taken so young!
And then we all took wild flower seeds and planted them on the hillside behind the pioneer children cemetery. Our family went up a little bit so that we could see the scenery above the trees around the cemetery.
This is the view from where we planted our seeds. So peaceful!
Isaac took extra care to make sure each seed was 1/4 inch deep. Hopefully next spring there are lots of beautiful wildflowers.
Before we left for the evening we took time to enjoy the amazing view of the whole valley. The moon was out and it was such a beautiful evening. The view from This is the Place Heritage Park pioneer children's cemetery is beautiful. This was the first annual candle lighting ceremony and it was a beautiful way to honor those we have lost. It was so nice to remember those babies and to be able to honor them. We love you Jacob and are glad we can do things to honor your memory and remember those things you have taught us in your short life. Love you Always. Thank you Caroline and Kay for putting together a very memorable evening and allowing us to honor our babies who have taught us SO much. 
Cassy Final

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