Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garden Compost Party

We had a few days of sunshine so Reed and the kids got some compost/mulch for the garden. Before Reed was even back from picking up the compost, the kids had their shovels ready and waiting. 
The kids were big helpers. 
The kids originally had on rain boots but, those were set aside and the kids ended up barefoot. 
Kaden loved helping with the hoe. 
The kids got a little crazy with helping and a few of them got a little dirty. 
Kaden pulling the compost out with his kids hoe. Isaac using the shovel. 
A little dirt got on the kids. (okay...A LOT)
Some....right in their face...yuck!! 
Isaac got a face full and you can see the culprit right behind him. 
After they finished.....they came in and this is what I saw......lots of dirty, happy kids!! 
Dirty kids = bathtub IMMEDIATELY !!!!
Cassy Final

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