Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Day Old

Brooklyn Avery at 1 day old. We actually had to wait to come home until she was 24 hours old. We had to wait until saturday late afternoon to go home until she was 1 day old so she could get all her testing done (hearing, baby care class and PKU done). Mom was doing so well that she wanted to go home to rest. She didn't sleep well at the hospital and just wanted to go home(usually we stay a couple days). Dad was sure happy with the idea since he was too tall for the bed at the hospital.  
So Cute!! Love that new baby smell and her hair is SO soft. 
One Moment that I want to never forget: When Brooklyn was born....I took one look at her and then the nurse took her to the warmer. In that moment I knew she was healthy. I felt such relief and joy in that moment. I closed my eyes and let my head rest back against the bed. I just revelled in that thought. It was a moment of relief that is hard to describe. The nurses are telling me look at how much hair and how beautiful she is and the only thing I could think was....she's healthy and she's ours!
I will never forget that moment, Brooklyn...knowing what a gift from our Heavenly Father you are and that we are your parents. We love you!
Around 3 in the morning on saturday Brooklyn came back from the nursery to eat. She nursed and then we just had to take this picture. Her one foot was tucked underneath and her hands tucked under her chin. Too cute....just had to take a picture. All snuggled up with mommy. 
Getting ready to go home. I just passed my hearing test and am now ready to go home.
Daddy putting me in my carseat for the first time. Luckily we were able to use Kaden's carseat(we thought it had outdated but, we found out that it still had two good years) so we bought a new girly carseat cover.  
This picture reminds me of Kaden because this is EXACTLY how he was when he went home. He loved having his feet stretched WAY out and Brooklyn is following in her brother's footsteps. She loves to stretch her legs!! She did this in utero and loves to do it now.
Brooklyn loves her binki! 
I love the jelly bean bow that the nurse put in her hair. We are so excited to bring you home....our sweet baby Brooklyn!!
Cassy Final


  1. She is absolutely adorable Cassy. Just like all of your children. I can tell she loves you just as much you are in love with her. Thanks for sharing your pictures. It makes me wish I could come see her myself though. ;)

  2. What a doll! She is just so cute. Love her!

  3. Cassy, she is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am so happy that she is here and healthy. I want to call you but I don't want to bother you. Let me know when a good time to call would be. Congratulations!

    Barbara Beasley


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