Monday, April 25, 2011

Our First Week At Home

I am so proud of you Kaden!!
During our first week home there has been a lot of holding baby around here. If you noticed in the hospital pictures and any since.....Kaden has never held Brooklyn.
We would ask him if he wanted to hold her and he would say, "no." It finally started to dawn on us why he had been asking so many questions....he was afraid Brooklyn wasn't going to be staying with us. He was afraid Brooklyn was going to die like his baby brother Jacob.
Right before I went into the hospital Kaden asked me (mom) if I was going to the hospital to die.
Yikes!! It definetely made my heart drop that he thought that but, I reassured him that I was just going to have the baby and I would be okay (but, it made me nervous having a four year old asking if you are going to die knowing full well that there are no guarantees but, we had a family prayer and I was given a blessing and I knew everything was going to be okay)
After Brooklyn was born and the kids came to the hospital Kaden kept asking if Brooklyn was going to die. I really didn't think Jacob's death had effected him so much. He was so quiet about it and I know now how worried he was about this new baby dying too. (which makes my heart break that he was so worried).
Finally when Brooklyn was two days old, Kaden came to sit by me. Reed was walking by and asked Kaden if he wanted to hold his baby sister. Kaden said "YES!!" Reed instantly picked up the sleeping baby and helped Kaden hold the baby for the first time.
His first response was, "She really is going to stay with us...huh, mom?" I reassured him that this was his baby sister and she was going to be with us for a long time. He just smiled and gave her a sweet, soft kiss.
Nothing can make a mom's heart melt faster 
We are so proud of you Kaden!! You love on your sister all the time now and are so concerned about her. I love that you were able to be brave enough to get over your fear and trust your Mom and Dad that everything was going to be okay. 
Abbie is never far when she's NOT holding the baby. For the first few days she would take long turns and when she wasn't holding the baby she was close by and was asking when it was her turn again.
Abbie just LOVES Brooklyn!! 

Here's Grandma Millett with both the girls!! They had a good time together while grandma was here for a week helping out. Thanks were such a big help and the kids are missing you now that you are home....they loved having you here....and so did I!! Today especially.....back to the daily routine and getting kids to school by myself. It doesn't help when your husband is trying to be nice and turned the alarm down "a little" so it might not wake the baby and instead wakes nobody until 20 minutes before the kids are supposed to be to school. Wow....what a morning!! 
Abbie and her favorite sister! 
Abbie getting to burp her sister for the first time. I was finished nursing Brooklyn and Abbie said it was her turn. I told her that Brooklyn needed to burp and she said, "well, I can do that!" So, here is Abbie burping her sister. 
Kaden taking more turns holding his baby sister! He loves her!! 

Cousin Rian came to visit and was able to hold the baby with Abbie! 
Such a sweet baby!! 
Abbie lovin' on Brooklyn. 
Isaac getting a turn to hold Brooklyn. 
He loves on Brooklyn ALMOST as much as Abbie....ALMOST! LOL 
Reed and baby Brooklyn.
I am so blessed to have such a hands-on father for my children. Thank you Reed for being so caring and are amazing!! 
Brooklyn LOVES her daddy!!
Cassy Final

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