Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Catch-up for Easter

We went to the Syracuse city Easter Egg Hunt. We almost didn't make it on time until Reed "made" it happen. (Sorry inside joke) Abbie got the most eggs amongst the kids but, the boys had a fun time too.
Kaden got a cool Superman egg!! All of the kids got prize eggs so we had to go to the bowery to pick up their prizes.
Abbie liked her Shrek egg filled with candy.
The kids had to empty their eggs so the city can do this again next year. They loved that they were able to keep the candy.
Isaac collecting the empty eggs to put them back.
The kids LOVED the easter egg hunt. I love how Kaden has adopted my childhood easter basket and is being funny looking through the handle. Love you little buddy!!
Later that afternoon, aunt Maren came to see Brooklyn and to color easter eggs.
The kids were VERY into their designs.
This is one of my favorite traditions every year. I love that we get to be creative and spent time together as a family!! Love it!!
Abbie was mixing dye colors at the end to create new dye colors.

The kids were wanting more eggs to color but, I thought a dozen a peice was plenty...I guess you can never have too many deviled eggs...right? HA
Little miss creative, herself.
Brooklyn was there....just sleeping in her swing. She love her daddy!!
That evening before Reed and I went to bed we found a note to the Easter Bunny....
The next morning we found that the bunny had replied....."sorry, all out of spy nets....hopefully you will enjoy this wii game.  Easter Bunny"
The kids left carrots for the Easter Bunny....and the Easter Bunny enjoyed a few nibbles!
and a few presents were left by the Easter Bunny and Mom and Dad (Easter church clothes).
The kids getting to see what the Easter Bunny brought...now into those clothes for church...hop, hop...church is at 9 a.m.
Isaac opening his HUGE egg to get to his candy and spiderman watch.
Abbie showing off her nail polish...in green....her favorite color.

Kids opening their gift from Grandma and Grandpa Millett. Kites and a huge coloring book.
Kaden LOVES his spiderman watch and wears it EVERY day.
Now, that's better....out of pajamas and ready for church. Isaac was slow and getting his shoes on so, I didn't get a picture of him before church.

So handsome.
Pretty in Purple
After church I got Brooklyn in her purple dress so she could have pictures with the other kids in their purple Easter outfits.
Of course, I had the kids pose by the tulips...which are new this year since we planted them last fall.
Handsome Isaac
Isaac and Brooklyn
All four kids
Abbie and her favorite sister....baby Brooklyn.
Handsome Kaden
Kaden and Brooklyn
After church aunt Jennie, uncle john, cousin rian and gunnar came over to have Easter dinner and to do a little Easter egg hunt.
They hadn't colored their eggs yet so Abbie helped them create a few masterpeices.
Kids ready to HUNT SOME EGGS!!
Isaac was so fast he even ran right over a few eggs. Then gunnar would swoop in and get a few eggs.
Abbie would run from egg to egg.
Kaden was prepared for any doggie surprises with his boots. Too cute!

The kids counting their real eggs to make sure they got them all....we didn't want any surprises when we mowed the lawn next.
Just had to add a picture of my tulilps. I have wanted them for years and we finally planted bulbs last fall. Love them!!!
After we were done Easter egg hunting the kids had impromptu foot races. I love enjoying some warm weather and seeing the kids having so much fun being together and enjoying the simple things.

Cassy Final

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