Thursday, May 5, 2011

One Year Ago Today

I can't believe it's been a year. It really seems like yesterday that I was getting that heart wrenching phone call telling me that my oldest brother had passed away. It really is still hard to believe he's gone. We miss him so much and can't believe that a year has already passed.
This is my favorite picture of my brothers. I love it and will always cherish it. 
 He was an amazing older brother and we all have so many memories of him. I love to think of the fun times we had as kids. He was always the ring leader to all the crazy things we did as young kids. I don't have many memories as a child without him in them. I want my kids to know who their uncle Dustin is and the memories I have of him. 
I am so blessed that I got to sit and visit with just him and his family just a short while before he passed. He had come for Jacob's funeral.(Not all siblings were present in this picture, one sister was still at hospital with her new baby and my brother was on a mission). On the evening before the funeral, Dustin and his family came to the house and all the kids went down stairs to play. It was just the four of us and we were able to chat just as adults. I wish we got to see them more but, they lived in Colorado and we live in Utah. I loved that anytime the family was together we were creating more fun memories. This is unfortunately the last picture I have of us together and it is at my son's funeral. It was a sad time but, I do remember the good and fun conversations we had the night before the funeral. I am so grateful that we have SO many memories of us all together as a family. That is what I want to always remember....all the fun times and the good life he lived.

We all love and miss you Dustin. Still can't believe it's been a year and wow what a year. We will always cherish the fun and happy memories. Thank you for all the fun memories that we will keep always close to our hearts. Love you and miss you!
Cassy Final


  1. A very beautiful memorial to Dustin. I loved Nichole's too. I love that she said even though we are one day farther from seeing him we are also one more day closer to seeing him again.
    By the way...if you want to have a desert adventure like we did let us know.. LOL
    Love ya,

  2. My thoughts are with you! Congratulations on the new little one...she is beautiful!


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