Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brooklyn Avery's Newborn Photos

Abbie sure loves her sister.....and her favorite phrase is "Oh....she's so cute!" 
I've been trying to get baby announcements done and I am just getting around to posting newborn photos.
Now, grandma's and grandpa's can choose which ones they's a little let me know. Although I can't choose...I want them all! 

Reed is lying on the floor holding our precious. Too cute! 
Love you, my precious baby! 

One of my favorite.....can only do this pose when they are less than 10 days old when they are used to being folded and they LOVE it! It's just like being in the womb. 
I am so glad that I took the time to plan these photos...they are precious. 

Being held by her daddy.....although I think she holds her daddy's heart. 
Cassy Final


  1. I love them all.. So cute! My favorite is the 4th one down for an announcement, but good luck choosing.

  2. Cassie, Thank you for including us in the annoucement of such a beautiful baby girl. I know just how precious she is to your family. May you continue to find joy and contentment. I think of you often...My heart is so saddened at the troubles Allisha is suffering with. I have a constant prayer in my thoughts for her. Please let her know that I am thinking of her.

  3. Completely adorable. I loved visiting with you last week. Miss you. Hope your sister is doing better. Love ya.


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