Monday, June 6, 2011

Brooklyn's First Bath

Brooklyn's first real bath was when she was just over two weeks old. She lost her umbilical when she was less than ten days old(I was taking off Brooklyn's onesie and noticed it wasn't there and I finally found it inside her onesie by her back). Her umbilical sight kept bleeding a little and we had to wait until it scabbed and healed (per Dr. order) before she could have a real bath. She loved having her hair washed with a washcloth so I thought she would love getting in the bath but, she screamed her entire bath. 
I gave Brooklyn her bath and Kaden took the picture. He did pretty good.

The only time she quick crying was when she was done with her bath getting dressed. 
She now LOVES her baths. She calms right down and love to get her hair washed. 
This is the EXACT outfit Abbie wore after her first bath. I showed the outfit to Abbie when she got home from school and she just HAD to hold Brooklyn right away. 
Brooklyn, I am SO glad that you like to have bath's now and it is fun to see you smile when you get in the water. I just had to laugh that you cried through your whole first bath because you loved to be washed with a washcloth and I thought you would love your first bath but, you surprised me and cried.
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