Monday, June 6, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

On Mother's Day we went to visit grandma Durrant. Brooklyn is her great grandchild. 
Isaac and Grandma Durrant had a good chat. Grandma is very spunky and kept Isaac on his toes. Although he kept grandma on her toes when he asked why her skin was so wrinkly on her arms. She just laughed at him and I am glad that she has a good sense of humor. 

It was so good to visit with you Grandma! We love visiting with you and can only hope to be so spunky as you when we get as YOUNGE as you!!! 
Brooklyn and great Aunt Alice 
This is how I spent the rest of my Mother's Day! Cuddled up with my baby Brooklyn. The other kids were sleeping soundly and I enjoyed being to hold one of my babies that is still small enough to cuddle. 
This is Kaden holding Brooklyn earlier in the weekend. He loves to call her "Brooklyn Cute"! 

While getting Brooklyn ready for bed, Abbie insisted on wanting to hold the baby naked. I told her that she should at least have a diaper on and Abbie just looked at me, rolled her eyes and said, "Well of COURSE, a diaper but, nothing else....she's SO soft!" 

Abbie content to hold the baby and the boys wrestling and jumping around. Doesn't this look like a perfect does to me! All my kiddo's happy and content...what more could a mother ask for?
Cassy Final

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