Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Allisha!!

Dear Allisha,
 While you have been in the ICU, you had your birthday and we had a little idea of how to make it just a little bit better. A HUGE sign that everyone could sign and hang on your ICU wall. When I was there on Wednesday (two days before your birthday) I secretly measured the space you had left on your wall from all the other cards and pictures from your kids so we could make you a birthday banner. 
We went to town painting you a bright happy sign. The kids were SO excited to help with this because they couldn't come visit themselves(you have to be 12 to be able to visit the ICU). My best helpers were Mari and Abbie. They meticulously picked out which color should go where and then helped me execute their plan. 
Then each family member that came to the hospital signed your sign to wish you a Happy Birthday!
We love you Allisha and are praying for a quick recovery. The kids pray for you each night and you are constantly in my thoughts. I love you SO much and consider you more than a sister, you are a best friend. 
So, from all of us.....Happy Birthday! Glad we could all (adults) sneak into your room(with your nurses approval) to sing you happy birthday and hang your sign.
We love you and are impressed everyday by your progress!
Prayers are still coming your way for a quick recovery!
Love you!
Cassy Final

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