Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dancing at Lagoon

Abbie performed at Lagoon on June 11th. It was a fun experience. They performed the dance number they will be doing for the Recital this tuesday. 
The number is titled "It's Raining Men" and is performed wtih cute pink umbrella's. 
The girls got to watch the rides while waiting for their turn to perform. The performances were about an hour behind schedule. I wish Abbie would have had a pass to ride the rides. We will have to go back as a family.
Practicing by the Jet Star 
The girls did such a fantastic job practicing...but, we moved into the shade because it was HOT!! 
Practicing.....Abbie is in the front on this dance number and does a GREAT job!! 
Jazz Comp Girls 
Performing on stage (sorry for the bad photo...I was watching the performance instead of taking lots of pictures and didn't notice the one picture I took was fuzzy) 
It was a busy day at Lagoon and we had to park clear out in the fields next to Lagoon. Yikes!! It sure was fun trying to take a stroller across the fields...ha ha! 
Abbie, you are one talented little lady! Mom and Dad are so proud of you for always doing your best and having fun while doing it!! Love you chica!!
Cassy Final

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