Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day Reed!! The kids loved that they were able to give you their "treasure" from primary and to give you their hand drawn papers. 
The kids and I made a special dinner with some of Reed's favorites. We made homemade lasagna. Each of the older kids was in charge of putting in their layer. Isaac put the noodles in then Abbie would put her cheese mixture and then Kaden would add his meat mixture. We repeated until we had a beautiful Lasagna and the kids were SO proud of their creation to eat with Daddy on his special day! 
We gave Reed a new shirt and surprised him with a table setting of a few of his favorites. He loves lemonade, so that is what we had in our fancy water glasses. He loves gourmet jelly beans so we filled a candy jar with his favorite and used them as the centerpeice. 
He was very gracious and shared with his favorite peeps!!
Reed, you are an amazing father! Sometimes I wish I could be you and have that joy and excitement, hugs and squeals from the kids when I walked through the door. I just don't get the same excitement when I come through a door, ha (although that would be nice if it happened all day long. LOL) You are patient and loving and are always teaching the kids in everything you do.
I know it has been hard losing a son and yet you have been the perfect person to help me through it. You are amazing and I am truly appreciative that you are the father of our children.
Love you SO much!! Happy Father's Day to an amazing man!!
Cassy Final

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