Sunday, June 19, 2011

Visiting Aunt Allisha in the Hospital

I was able to visit my sister in the hospital this last week. Thankfully, she just left the hospital and we are SO excited they can all be together as a family again. This is John (uncle john to the kiddos), Abbie and Brooklyn (who apparently was upset for the moment to have her picture taken, LOL).
This is us in the waiting room this last week(I think day 23 or 24..I lost track of which day it was, too many...for sure). Allisha had to do PT(physical therapy) and since she knew we were coming, she wanted to walk out to the waiting room so she could talk to all of us (Kids aren't allowed in the adult ICU so my other sister Jennie and I went together so we could watch each other kids so we could both get to visit her). Her nurse came with her and brought a wheelchair for her to sit in while she visited until she had to finish her walk.
The kids had a good time with Uncle John and he spoiled them by taking the oldest three on an "ADVENTURE" to the cafeteria to get a snack.
Needless to say, the kids LOVED it!!
While the kids were on their adventure I asked Allisha if I could get a picture with her. She said "of course" and so I stepped over to her wheelchair to get a picture. She looks SO good!!
Then Allisha surprised me by asking if she could hold Brooklyn. I instantly wasn't sure. "Are you SURE?" I asked.
Allisha answered me by saying," Hey, I've never seen her but, in pictures" That got me (although I was afraid it would be hard since she hasn't been able to see her baby in a while but, she assured me she was going to see her baby later that day). So, she held Brooklyn for a quick minute.  (Our babies are 10 days apart so she hadn't seen my baby yet although I had seen hers in the waiting room when she was brought to the hospital so her daddy could see her).
Brooklyn just smiled and smiled. She LOVED aunt Allisha. This is one of those things I admire about Allisha, she is the BEST mom! This is one of the things that was the hardest to think about was her missing time with her kids because SHE loves being a mom. It was heartwarming to see Brooklyn smile and coo at aunt Allisha. was SO awesome to get to talk with you!! You are such a trooper and a fighter! Coming to the waiting room so both of us sisters could talk to you. It was a taste of the old days when we're together and just chatting. I am so thankful everyday that you are getting better and gaining strength everyday!! You are looking so good!
Allisha was able to hold Brooklyn for just a minute and then she wiggled around more than I was comfortable with and so I picked her back up. Allisha was such a sport although I know it made her so excited to see her own baby that afternoon.
The kids got back from their "adventure" and showed us their loot!! Uncle John said it was hilarious to watch them trying to choose. He said you would have thought it was their last meal!! Ha Ha...I bet that was hilarious!!
The kids with their YUMMIES!!
Abbie decided on cinnamon bears. Kaden on gummy worms and Rian with peach rings.
Kaden and Brooklyn
Allisha, It was SO neat to see you doing so well. It makes my heart warm to know that you are finally back home and on the path to recovery. I pray everyday that you can have a fast recovery so you can get back to doing what you love to do....being a MOM!! Love you SO much!!
Cassy Final

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