Monday, June 6, 2011

Visiting Jacob

This memorial day we were able to decorate my brother's grave while we were in Vernal and were also able to decorate our baby's grave in Sandy, Utah. It was pretty wild weather this weekend so we hurriedly took a family photo before it started raining. It was cold!
This is Brooklyn's first time being here but, it was too cold to get a good picture. 
We did our annual decorating with snowballs and spelled Jacob's name. The kids LOVE doing this!! 
It had already started sprinkling on us by the time we got Jacob's name spelled out. 
Grandma and Grandpa Tenney and Maren came to help us decorate and remember Jacob. 
My grandfather is close to Jacob's grave so we decorated a heart with our remaining white snowball flowers. 
We also left a beautiful potted plant for grandpa Millett. 
Snowball flowers are so pretty and I love how white and pure they are....which is perfect for our precious baby Jacob and my grandpa Millett. 
I hurried and got a picture of Jacob's headstone. It started raining pretty hard. 
It was a raining memorial day but, it didn't diminish our love for those who have passed on. We love and miss you Jacob. I know that you kissed your little sister and sent her to come to our family. We love you!

Cassy Final

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