Monday, June 6, 2011

Visiting the Cemetery while in Vernal

While we were in Vernal and it being Memorial Day Weekend(coming to Vernal for Jordan's graduation) we went to visit my brother's grave. 
We left some potted plants and flowers. 
The kids love hearing about my brother. I want them to remember how fun and what a character he was. 

Being Memorial Day Weekend, they lined the road to the cemetery with flags. 
The kids walked down the road to see the flags. 
Then they ran back. 
The cemetery's trees are growing back. They had just been trimmed last year before my brother's funeral and the trees didn't look very nice so I am glad to see them growing back. 
My brother loved the Jazz and BYU basketball.  We miss you and were glad that we were able to come put flowers to remember you.Cassy Final It's a small outward expression we can give to you to represent an inward love.

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