Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brooklyn's Baby Blessing

Brooklyn Avery Tenney was blessed on June 5th, 2011 by her father. She was given such a nice and special blessing. She is such a joy to have in our family and we love her to peices. A lot of family and friends came to support you on your special day and we feel so blessed to be supported by so many family and friends. 
Everyone that was able to attend the blessing. 
The Men who stood in the circle to bless Brooklyn. 
Our Little Family 
Grandma and Grandpa Tenney 
Grandma and Grandpa Millett 
My Grandmother Millett (Brooklyn's Great-Grandmother) 
So precious! 
Our awesome Family helped put together a yummy meal  of Hawaiian Haystacks, yummy salads, fresh fruit and the most delicious desserts. 
Our cute neighbors Cindy and Annalisa 
Uncle Garrett showing Isaac and Kaden some COOL stuff. 
Aunt Patsy (my second mother) and Uncle Larry 
Aunt Adrienne(pregnant with a boy) and cute Courtnie!
Grace and Brooklyn 
Everyone enjoying their meal. People ate inside and outside. Although more stayed inside because it was actually warm that day(first warm day for a long time, usually it was raining). It was a beautiful warm day for your blessing. 
Reed, Kit and his kids 

Aunt Jennie (pregnant with a baby girl) 
Family hanging out! 
Family and friends hanging out and enjoying a beautiful day.
Chris, Trisha Lynn and Dad Millett (thanks aunt Vicki for helping me take pictures while I fed the baby)  
Brooklyn on her special day! 
Brooklyn and her special bracelets! 
Proud Daddy and Brooklyn 

Brooklyn's dress went to her feet and had beautiful pin tucks across the bodice and skirt. Simply beautiful! 
Some neighbors were able to join us to celebrate Brooklyn's special day. 
Brother Chambers and his wife Cynthia. Brother Chambers was our hometeacher for years and has seen our kids grow from not being able to sit through an entire hometeaching lesson to having the kids just be SO excited when he was coming over to teach a fun lesson. He even had a cool fishing pole that the kids got excited about every time he brought it! 
Ready for a nap! 
Smiling for Mom! 
Happy and Content being held by her Daddy! 
The Girls special bracelets. 
Showing off our matching bracelets. 
Bracelets made from Great-Grandma Willard's Jewelery (made at a Willard reunion, years ago when Abbie insisted we make one really small bracelet out of the remaining few beads that matched our bracelets even though we weren't pregnant at the time).
Brooklyn's Blessing Dress and Headband 
Beautiful White Dress, Headband made by your mother, and the three special bracelets made from your great-grandma Willard's necklaces. Your Mom, Sister Abbie and You all had matching bracelets. So special! 
Wearing your two special bracelets. Your Grandma Millett gave you the special white blessing bracelet. 
Oh our sweet baby girl! We are so glad you are part of our family. You have brought healing to your mother's heart and joy to our entire family! We are SO BLESSED to have you apart of our family! You looked so precious on your blessing day and it was special and celebrated by many! Thank you to everyone who made Brooklyn's Blessing so special!
Cassy Final


  1. That was a beautiful post. She looks so cute in her pictures. What a lovely day that was. Congrats to the Tenney Family on such a beautiful family!!
    Loads of love to you all!!

  2. Cassy it was so fun to see your family. I feel like they are my family too because I feel like I got to know them last year. I am so very happy to read of your sisters progress on your bro in laws blog. What happy news to see she is getting better day by day. And I loved all the pictures of your family, that cute adorable baby of yours and all the kids (that I miss) and it was such a treat to see pictures of old friends, Annalisa, Cindi, Chambers. Love You TONS! Miss you.


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