Sunday, June 12, 2011

Isaac playing "GIANT" baseball

Isaac is on playing syracuse city baseball and is on the team called the Giants. He really enjoyes playing in the baseball games but loves to practice with his dad even more.
It is machine pitch for his age group. 
They have had a few rain out games this season so we will have two games this week that are make-up games and then the season will be over.
Isaac has enjoyed baseball A LOT!! Reed has enjoyed practicing with him and since some of the neighbors are playing city baseball has become a neighborhood pass-time.   
Isaac, you are a great baseball player. You usually hit the ball on the first or second pitch. Usually by the time I have the camera out to get a picture of you batting, you have already hit the ball.
We love going to your games and enjoy watching you play! Great first season of playing baseball!!
Cassy Final

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