Tuesday, June 28, 2011

End of Isaac's Baseball Season

Isaac had a great time playing baseball this year. He is old enough to do machine pitch baseball. He had two extra games at the end of the season due to two games being rained out at the beginnning of the season.  
Isaac played with the Giants baseball team. 
He usually hit the ball on one of the first pitches. Each player was given six balls by the machine pitcher if they didn't hit it then they were out. Isaac was really good at hitting the ball. 
He loved playing catcher! 
Grandma Tenney and TrishaLynn came to one of Isaac's baseball games. It was so great of you two to come support Isaac as he played. 
Isaac running from third base to home plate. 

Great job Isaac!! You really played well this year! By the end of the season, you were hitting with such better form and really making great plays! Great job on a well played season!
Cassy Final

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