Monday, May 23, 2011

We want to do cubscouts too!!

Abbie and Kaden (and now Brooklyn....of course) come with me to cubscouts each week. We do the Bear's Den and Isaac goes to the wolves (Isaac will be old enough for the Bear's Den next year). We were doing mosaic pictures with glue, coloring book pages (or pictures the scouts drew themselves) and glued beans of all colors shapes and sizes onto them to make a mosaic picture. 
The kids didn't finish their mosaic pictures at cubscouts(it's only an hour) and so Abbie and Kaden spent hours gluing pinto, black eyed peas, split peas, white beans and black beans to their entire pictures at home.
Abbie's picture was a unicorn and Kaden had a teenage mutant ninja turtle picture. 
They LOVED it!! That might be an understatement because they spent HOURS doing it and then it took DAYS to dry because of all the glue that was on their pictures to hold them together.
I am so grateful that you kids are so good so I can be a cubscout leader and have cute helpers like you!!
Cassy Final

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