Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Abbie's Easy Bake Oven

Abbie got an easy bake overn for her birthday. She is my little "foodie" because she loves to help me in the kitchen but, more importantly because she likes to eat. I know what you are way..she's too skinny but, I assure you she eats more than the boys! She can't even wait until my visiting teachers are gone before she has to come ask for a snack. She can't wait, she's hungry! So funny! I think everytime my V.T.'s come over they probably think I don't feed her. (good thing they know better) She loves food so this was a fun birthday idea!
She was so thrilled to make her first cake. She got this on her birthday and immediately wanted to bake something. Come to find out, you have to buy a 100 watt lightbulb, no white lite, or soft lite bulbs but a purly clear bulb. Needless to say, we didn't have this specialty bulb lying around so we had to get it when we went to the grocery store. Who knew?!?

She was so excited while it was baking that she was dancing around singing. This unfortunately made the cake fall. It was flat as a pancake in the middle. LOL She didn't mind and told me it would taste the same. I agreed yet took the teaching moment to explain how cakes can fall if you are bounding around. When the second cake was baking, she made sure the boys didn't bounce around and it turned out better.

While the second one was baking, she went and got dressed. Thus the wardrobe change. Twelve minutes is a long time to wait so during the second bake time, she decided she had time to get dressed before she ate her delicatessen's.

Abbie, I am so glad that you love your birthday present! I still can't believe you are five and going to start kindergarten this fall. Thanks for sharing a bite of your yummy did great!

Cassy Final

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