Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easter Outfits

This is the kids easter outfits. We didn't put them in their easter baskets this year because we were going out of town and conference was the weekend of easter. So, one less thing to pack. I love doing new church clothes at this time of year. Such fun colors! Every year I try to match the boys and Abbie. It's not easy since, the boys refuse to do pink. Hee Hee Of course, by this time of year the boys have grown so tall that they need longer church pants. I think before long, I will have to buy Isaac new church pants more often, because he's growing so tall!

So handsome!

So cute!

My other handsome little man!

I love how I found the same shirts for the boys with different ties. That way, they are different, yet similar! Love that!
I love all three of you...kisses for all!
Cassy Final

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