Sunday, April 18, 2010

Turning Five!

Our baby girl turned five on Thursday. Yep, that's our tax day baby! Our beautiful NOW 5 year old! We can't believe she's five and Reed even had her convinced that she had to be good or else he wouldn't allow her to turn five, she'd have to stay four forever. On wednesday(the day before her birthday) she asked dad if she had been good enough to be five. Reed finally relented and said that she could turn five. She gave him the biggest hug ever before she ran down the hall giggling to bed. So cute!! Love ya Abbie!

She posed for a few birthday pictures before she went to preschool. She was excited to take cupcakes to her class! Every Thursday they get to take something for show and tell....I bet you couldn't guess what she wanted to take......


The only thing Abbie would tell me she wanted for her birthday cake was to be a "stacked circle cake thing". She wouldn't even tell me what flavor. So, I kept asking and finally had to guess that she would love a chocolate cake with funfetti icing. I did the writing in green because it's her favorite color.

Her cousin gave her the new favorite movie, Princess and the frog. Abbie hadn't seen it yet and was really excited!

I know you can't see what the gift is but you could see how excited she was. This blurry item in the picture is her first Barbie. It's Aurora, sleeping beauty and she was sure excited, if you couldn't tell!! LOL

Abbie wouldn't specify a theme she wanted for her birthday so we did a garden party because all she wanted was a green party. This was the best thing I could think of to do with "green" as the only jumping off point.

When I asked her what she wanted for her special birthday dinner all she would say is that she wanted avocados and tomatoes. So, I asked if she wanted to do grilled chicken sandwiches with these "special" items on it. She was thrilled. I know, what now 5 year old, wants only vegetables for her birthday dinner but, that's my little foodie (that's what I call her because she loves all kinds of food and can eat more than the boys!) for ya! Great choice for food, it was SO yummy!

I made the candle votives and decorated for the "garden" themed party. The food was super yummy and the decoration were really fun and you can see more here.
Abbie we love you so much and are excited to see you growing into such a fun, beautiful young lady!
Love ya, Mom and Dad
Cassy Final

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  1. Holy Monkeys, Abbie can’t be five… I remember living with you guys and her favorite thing to do was to look at me and say NO!! She is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady… you have every right to be proud. I loved the décor for the themed party… you are so creative and talented; anytime you want to share your brilliance with me I am open to it. I think of you a lot and hope all is well, I sure do miss you and all our fun chats. Sending you lots of Hugs, love your guts!


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