Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Simple 4th of July

What is better on a hot day than to run through the sprinklers and slide on slip-n-slides? That is exactly what we did this year and it was perfect. 
Abbie even found a grasshopper and made sure I took a picture of her new found bug. 
Abbie and her grasshopper 
We turned on the sprinkler's and the kids raced through them and played all sorts of games that they made up as they were playing in the sprinklers. 
Brooklyn watched from the sidelines as the kids swam. The kids made sure that she knew she was loved. They would swim then come give her kisses. Too cute!! 
Brooklyn and her Patriotic outfit(her aunt Nichole sent her from Pennsylvania) 

Abbie showing us her jumping skills!! 
Kaden LOVES his slip'n'slide he got for his birthday. 
He is becoming a HUGE water fan! 
With the sprinklers on...the kids had a ball!! It was the perfect weather for swimming in the sprinklers. 
Then after a simple barbeque...we played with our puppies. 
Isaac is helping to train the puppy...although....I don't know who is training who?!?! 
These are our puppies...beautiful Fox Red Pointing Labs. We aren't going to get to enjoy them much longer, most already have homes.
The kids LOVE playing with the puppies......probably because they have as much energy as they do!

We bought fireworks this year. They had a killer deal at Macey's with a $20 off coupon. We usually are more of the sparkler-type family.
The kids got in the jammies and we lit sparklers until it was dark enough to light off the fireworks. 

Isaac hardly stands still long enough for me to get pictures anymore!! 
We used the left-over sparklers from our Syracuse Heritage Days Centerpeice. Once it was dark enough...the kids were quickly done with sparklers. 
The kids are now OFFICIALLY ready for fireworks!! 

The kids were being funny and grabbed the flags and were waving them as dad lit the fireworks. You kids are SO silly!! 

Isaac holding the two biggest fountains.....ready for the grand finale.
Although it was made even better when the neighbor to the North of us lit off HUGE aerials (even though they legalized aerials this year....I still don't think THESE were legal...ha, ha.) which made for a great spectacle!! crack me were such a serious grand finale master!!! 
It was a simple, yet fun 4th of July! We enjoyed being together and had fun doing simple things at home. Even though it was simple, we created memories together as a family and THAT is what is most important!!
Cassy Final

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