Monday, July 18, 2011

Zoorassic Hogle Zoo

We were invited to the Hogle Zoo by Reed's boss. We hadn't been since Kaden was a baby and were excited to take the kids. We got some discount tickets(just walk into any Les Schwab Tire Center and they will give you a buy an adult and a child gets in free coupon) So, we only had to purchase two adult tickets and one child ticket for us all to go....what a deal!! 
The first exhibit we saw was the elephants. They were eating from a hanging hay basket. 

This monkey was SO funny because it had a "monkey" doll that it carried around. Too cute! 
The dinosaurs were animated. The T-Rex would move it's head and ROAR!! 
Kaden at the Giraffe exhibit. 
The kids ready to go inside to see the giraffe's up-close. 
Watching the Giraffe drink water then lick the wall(don't know why it was doing that!). 
Abbie showing me her map!! 
The Giraffe's. 
Reed and his boss 
Next to the Gorilla outside Exhibit where Kaden and Isaac tried to measure up their hands to a gorilla's hand. 
Isaac's hand against a gorilla's print. 
Abbie at the Gorilla outside Exhibit 
The tigers enjoying the was hot!! 
Reed and the kids measuring up!! Too cute!! 
The inside gorilla exhibit. 
This exhibit with the gorilla was awesome!! The trainer(you can kinda see her in the blue shirt) would softly say the gorilla's name to get his attention then she would take off and run to the end of the exhibit. The gorilla would race her to the other end. The kids thought that was SO AWESOME to see! Even the adults had a good time watching the gorilla interact with the trainer. 

Brooklyn.....Reed didn't want her to miss out!! 
This elephant would play music, sometimes "achoooo" all the while, unexpectedly spraying mists of water out the trunk. 
This is Isaac and Abbie getting "achooo'd" on!! They loved this part of the zoo!! 
The animated T-Rex. 

Last of all, we went to the gopher exhibit by the discoveryland.
Abbie and Reed in the gopher exhibit. 
Isaac pretending to be a gopher. 
Kaden at the gopher exhibit. 
Abbie at discoveryland being a turtle. 
Isaac sliding down the snake slide. 
Isaac Abbie and Kaden in the dinosaur egg. 
Abbie and Brooklyn in the dinosaur egg. 
Kaden in the turtle shell. 
The kids LOVED the discoveryland. 
We are so glad that we have Brooklyn and that she could see the zoo at the same age that we brought Kaden (the last time we were at the zoo). Hopefully, it won't be so long until we visit again. Thanks for the invite, we LOVED visiting the zoo and it was fun to make some new friends too.
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  1. That's funny, we were there on Saturday. We actually ran into Uncle Ernest and Aunt Laura. It would've been fun to see you too, if that was the day you went. We enjoyed watching the monkey playing with its baby monkey. So cute!


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