Sunday, July 24, 2011

Splash Pad

The kids and I are trying to make the most of our summer so we stopped at the Riverdale Splash Pad. Isaac jumped right in and was soaking within the first minute of being there. 
Abbie and Kaden were intruiged by the water and slowly walked around the splash pad twice before I had to prod them to go get wet. I've never seen them timid but, they were just looking at everything and slowly walking around....they were joined at the hip.....and I finally had to remind them why we came....TO GET WET!! (I don't even think they realized that they had walked around the place twice before I told them to get wet...too funny!) 
You can see them (Abbie and Kaden) slowly walking around, looking at everything. 
Brooklyn, sitting with me on the bench enjoying the warm the shade. 
She loved watching all the kids playing. 
Isaac's favorite thing is the shooting cannons. Him and the other kid would aim it at each other and squirt. Then you would find the both hanging on, looking away and still spraying. (I will never understand why that is fun) 
They would spray each other for minutes...neither of them looking! Too funny...BOYS!! 
Abbie loved the "mushroom" water! Kaden loved the squirting fountains! 

Then the kids would come back, warm back up and then go back to get wet! This routine went on the entire time at the splash pad. 
Abbie went to show me how she likes to get in the middle of the "mushroom" fountain and the pressure went down right as she tried to get inside. Needless to say, she got soaked!! 
It was SO much fun going to this splash pad! We LOVE summer and wish it was longer!
Cassy Final

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  1. We like to go there, too! I know you have school going on now, but if you ever want to meet there, we would gladly come along. It was really great to meet you today.


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