Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Rest of Our Weekend

The family reunion ended on saturday and we made our way home to enjoy the Syracuse Heritage Days. We had a barbeque with the neighbors and then went to the fireworks over at Jensen Park. We came back and did some sparklers(real fireworks weren't being sold yet).
Isaac and all the kids were showing us their cool moves. They were writing their names and just having fun!
This is the barbeque that I made the firework centerpeice(shown on my design blog) for and it was so fun to light the sparklers once it was dark.
The kids could use the candle to light their own idea ever...if you ever had to sit and use a lighter to light everyone's sparklers or use a sparkler to light other's an idea you have to's heaven.
We had a great time with the neighbors lighting sparklers.
The kids loved running around the cul-de-sac circle with their sparklers. It was great fun!
We have great neighbors!
Then it was off to bed because we were heading down first thing sunday morning to my sister's house because they were blessing their baby.
Lindey was born 10 days after Brooklyn but, because of all the health issues with my sister, they weren't able to bless Lindey in June like they wanted to but, everything worked out okay and she was able to be blessed in their home. 
Lindey looked SO pretty in her dress. 
Such a Cutie!! 
These are her pretty little white booties given to her by Grandma and Grandpa Millett. 
Her dress is long and gorgeous. The lace is so pretty.
Allisha, John and Lindey  
Allisha and I with our babies that were born 10 days apart.
It was a busy weekend with the willard reunion(in St. George), syracuse heritage days(sparklers afterwards) and the next day in green river for my neice's blessing but, it was worth the drive! We enjoyed spending time everywhere we went those four day and even though it was a whirlwind driving, it was totally worth every minute!
Cassy Final

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