Friday, July 8, 2011

Spontanteous Antelope Island Rendevous

We were feeling spontaneous, so after one of Isaac's baseball games, we stopped and picked up a little ceasars pizza and went to explore Antelope Island. We have lived out here for 3 years and have never taken the kids to the Great Salt Lake, more importantly Antelope Island. 
On our way over it seemed like it was raining...only it wasn't was bugs...ALOT of them!! (sidenote: when I took the tahoe to the carwash the next day, the attendant that scrubbed all the bugs off before I entered the automatic car wash, laughed when I told him we had been to Antelope Island. He said, "you didn't get out of the car!!!" I told him we had for a while and that it wasn't too bad once you got across the aquaduct. He had ridden horses on the island the week before and said it was terrible with the bugs. It took him a full solid 5 minutes to scrub everything off before I got to go in the carwash. That's why I LOVE this local carwash...the scrub is included!!)
After we had our windshield covered in bugs and scraped off by our windshield wipers, we decided we wouldn't stay too long at the beach. Just long enough for the kids to wade in the Great Salt Lake and to learn to skip rocks. 
Reed had a great time teaching the kids how to skip rocks. 

Reed could get his rock to skip 6 to 15 times and the kids got their's to skip a few times. They kept saying they were going to beat Dad's skip.....not this time!! 

Kaden (with scabs from his scooter accident) 

Proof that Brooklyn was there...even if she was sleeping.

This was us heading down to the Great Salt Lake at the beach. 
The kids were SO excited!! They ran almost the entire way to the water. 

The beach is SO pretty this time of day before the sun sets. 
The kids first time in the salty water. 

After the kids had tested the salty water, Reed showed them the art of skipping rocks. 
The water was so pretty this time of day.  
Reed showing Isaac how to get his rocks to skip better. 

Abbie skipping her rock. 
Isaac skipping his rock. 
After we had skipped rocks for about a half an hour we decided to go look for the buffalo on the island.
We first spotted an antelope grazing. 
Then we came across this HUGE buffalo. We drove close to it and then stopped. 
The buffalo then scared me (NOT Reed, he thought it was great...but it made me nervous being SO close) and crossed the road RIGHT in front of us!!! 
He is a huge buffalo!! 
When he stopped and looked at us...that's when I got scared because it looked like he could charge us. But, Reed just laughed at me and assured me that this buffalo probably sees people in cars ALL THE TIME!!
Reed took this picture of Isaac to show how close we were to the buffalo. Pretty neat to see so close up!! 

We saw him again when we passed the same stretch of road coming back to head off of the island. 
The kids thought it was SO COOL!!
They are HUGE animals!!

The buffalo found a rock to scratch his belly on. 
It was SO funny to watch!! 
Then it was time to head back off the Island...the island has closing hours you know and the gate closes!! 
This was our view as we headed home..SO BEAUTIFUL!!  

We watched the sun set over the island then made our way home. 
and the moon greeted us as we made our way across the aquaduct back to the park gates.  
I LOVE it when we do fun spontaneous family things. I can't believe we've lived here three years and never made it over to Antelope Island. We bought a state park pass so we should be visiting this and many other state parks this next year.
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