Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Precious Gift

(My sisters and I made them pose for pictures right before they left to go to the hospital, so I wanted to share one. We got them to crack a smile before they left.)
Reed and Cassy got home from the hospital this morning around 10 a.m. They were excited to come home and see the kids and relax at home. The kids hugs and kisses bring the best comfort. Cassy is doing well. She has been tired this afternoon and has been taking naps but, otherwise she is doing pretty good. Cassy wants me to share a few things that she wrote down early this morning around 3 a.m. Cassy woke up and had these words come to mind and adequately explains how she has felt since the birth. "I feel as though everyone's prayers keep me comforted. All these prayers together are a real source of personal strength and keep me reminded about the sweet tender mercies I have experienced. An inner strength I have never known before as if each and every prayer is being heard and given to me as a precious gift from my Heavenly Father bringing such peace and comfort. Words cannot adequately express the miracles abounding in love. " They wanted me to just thank everyone for all that they have done on their behalf. They feel of your love for them. You don't know how much your prayers mean to them. Thank you. They are heard.

Jacob was so tiny. This is his footprints with Reed's Wedding ring so that you can see the size. He is such a precious little boy.


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