Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Supermarket Fear

So my supermarket fear finally came about and it ended up being not so bad. I have been worried about random people asking about the pregnancy and then the kids being themselves (super honest...and I wouldn't want it any other way), telling what is going on and then having to explain why your kids are talking about their little brother and why he won't survive. I am definetely to a point where people don't have to wonder if you're pregnant or not...I am definetely pregnant. I am finally showing big enough that I knew random people would start asking and then I would have to explain what the kids were saying to total strangers. We had to run to the store to let Abbie and Kaden pick out their Valentine's for preschool. This was supposed to be a fun little trip to get out of the house and let Reed catch up on some lost sleep. While we were checking out the cashier leans over to the kids helping me put the bag in the cart and asked "Is it a boy or a girl?" The kids reply unanimously that it's a boy. She then leans over to Abbie and asks if she would rather have a sister. Abbie shakes her head "No" and looks at me funny with an expressions like "do we get to choose what we get?" The clerk looks at me and I'm sure I have this strained look on my face because I am just cringing at what will be said next. She turns back to the kids and asks if they are excited. They say they are excited for their brother but, Isaac has a puzzled look on his face and it wasn't until we got home that I figured out why. I finished up checking out and we left quickly. I was so relieved that I didn't have to explain to a total stranger why my kids were saying what they did. After we arrived home, Reed helped me get the kids in the house and I told him that my worst fear had almost happened and that it turned out okay and wasn't that bad. Isaac is sitting there during my conversation with Reed and he says,"Mommy, Daddy, should we have told her about our baby dying?" Silence.... Reed speaks up "No, Isaac, we don't have to tell everyone. You only need to say things to people we are close with or feel comfortable enough to say something. Sometimes random people are just happy for us and we can just take that and leave it at that." Phew...release of breath. Thank heavens...Reed to the rescue. So, my supermarket fear has come and I feel like I am better prepared for next time, because I'm sure this won't be the first time...you can't get away from looking pregnant when you REALLY look pregnant and I'm sure random people will say things. But, I just hope the next time, I can take what I am learning and be better prepared for next time. Cassy Final


  1. I'm glad it worked out okay! You and Reed are such good parents!


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