Friday, February 5, 2010

Sometimes you need a Buddy

Yesterday had it's ups and downs. While the kids were at Preschool and Isaac at a friends to play(he's off track from school)...Reed and I went to the appointment to pick out the casket. That was hard. We get to the parking lot, pull in and I just sit there. I told Reed that I really don't want to go in. He reminds me that this will be easier before having the baby rather than after. So, we lock hands and head inside. We both decided on the same one and it ended up being pretty okay with lots of tears. We finished up and went back home. After things like this it seems that some of the mundane things we do just aren't important and some of the little chores are a little harder to accomplish. Like going to the grocery store to get a few perishables. It wasn't a long list at all but, things you need each week...just some perishables. Reed was studying for a test so I asked the kids if one of them would be my buddy and go to the grocery store with me. Kids are lifesavers!! Abbie jumped up and said she would go and asked if "chocolate chip" her stuffed puppy could go to the store with us. I said sure and off to the local market we go. It ended up being really fun. Abbie was very animated about everything we had on our list and chocolate chip was very helpful too. We got everything on our list and talked the whole time we were together. I really needed that....someone to be my friend when I really needed it. I just want to say my children are such a blessing...they can make any day better with their hugs and animated conversations. I feel so blessed to have the children I do and am so thankful that they can be my buddy when I really need them. Cassy Final


  1. I am coming over from Brandi's blog and just wanted to know you and your sweet family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Cassy,
    I have always known since we first met you were a truly special spirit. I now know why you have been in my thoughts so often since finding you on facebook. (I just found your blog link in my inbox) You, Reed, Isaac, Abbie, Kaden, and Jacob are in our prayers. Oh how I wish I could ease your pain. Please know that if there is anything I can do for you, I am here to help.

    All my Love,

    Oh and Daniel says to please tell Isaac Hi, he really misses him!


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