Friday, June 11, 2010

Enormous Smores

Our cousins came to stay for an evening before they flew out the next morning. We took this opportunity to do something fun! We made smores!
Not just any old smores...but enormous, three-times the size of a regular marshmallow...smores!
As you can tell....these are not your average smores. Reed was telling me about these smores they had at the father/son campout and how much the boys liked them. They were huge marshmallows that were about three times the size of a normal marshmallow. Reed even asked the guy where he got them. Apparently you can only get them at a certain grocery store in salt lake. As he is talking to me I am about to head home from Abbie's friend's birthday Salt Lake. So, I decide to stop and surprise Reed with the marshmallows! We decided to break them open for a cousin's smore roast!
It was so much fun to watch the kids make and eat their enormous smores!
They were yummy, yet can see why the kids loved them!
The smores were so big, the kids could barely eat them but, that didn't deter ANY of them. They definetely weren't going to let a yummy smore go to waste.

I even found huge chocolate covered graham crackers for these huge marshmallows. I always wondered why the "off" brand deluxe grahams were so big....who knew....they were waiting for a HUGE marshmallows to be manufactured just to make enormous smores! I just never knew!
Abbie kept lighting hers on fire and then grandpa would come to the rescue and blow it out! As you can see in her face....she really didn't want to get near the fire but, still kept putting it back to get more cooked! Thanks grandpa, you saved Abbie's marshmallow more than once!

A few of the brave ones even had two...I am surprised they went to bed that night!

Cassy Final


  1. Cassy! What an adorable family you have and you are so talented with your designing! I want you to come and help me with my projects. It's so fun to see updates on old friends. I"m so sorry about both of your losses this year. You are amazing and have an amazing family. Such good examples.

  2. Yummy, I am coming to your house for treats!


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