Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day
The kids were excited to see that Jacob's headstone was there. This was the first time we had seen it done and set. We were very happy with how it turned out.
Then we went to put flowers on Grandpa Millett's grave. This is the grandfather that Jacob is named after. We wanted to honor him and show him how much we love him too.
We cleaned it up a little bit by brushing any dead grass off the edges and explained to the kids this is a show of respect and love for that person. It's an outward expression of that love and respect.
We cleaned up my grandfather's headstone and then picked up the little pebbles on Jacob's headstone.
Jacob's headstone was just set last week. We started designing it in March and it took so long because we had to have the Vernal Temple designed. The picture had to be sent to an artist to be made it into a line drawing so it could be etched into the stone. This temple hasn't been done on a headstone in this cemetery so Jacob's is the first. It is a newer temple but, we were married there so it was important to us to have it on it. It reminds us that we are an eternal family. We also had his feetprints custom designed. We had them done to the actual size of his small feet. So tiny and precious! 
Reed placed his wedding ring on the headstone just like he did on the original foot prints. The size is exactly the same. So tiny!
We discussed Jacob and the kids told us about their favorite memories. We talked about a lot of things. 
It was really nice to be together as a family. We still love you and miss you Jacob! It was really sad to be there and know that you aren't here with us but, also comforting to know that you are in a better place with family members who have passed on.
This is one of the reasons we chose this cemetery...it's beautiful and close to the mountains. So serene and calm.
One of the traditions of my mom's family is to take the snowball blossoms from my grandmother's tree and we would go decorate the graves with the cut flowers from the garden. We use the snowballs to spell out "Mom", "Dad" or "Son" depending on the grave. It looks so pretty and it shows how much we respect and  love this person. The graves look so nice for Memorial Day!
This is the view to the west which is more mountain views. So serene.
The kids decided they wanted to spell out Jacob's name. They worked together so well and used their alphabet skills to spell his name. They were so cute and loved doing this! It was so nice to carry on a tradition that I grew up with, making this a new tradition for us too.
My parents were going to come decorate Jacob's and Grandpa Millett's grave with us but, now they have my brother's grave to decorate there in Vernal. I am so glad they were able to be there to show the respect and love that we all have for Dustin. We love you Dustin and are sad that you have passed on so soon.
We love you Jacob! We miss you! We remember all those who have gone before and are so grateful for their examples and love! We had a nice Memorial Day but, still miss those close to us that have passed on.
Cassy Final


  1. Jacob's headstone is really nice. Your kids are so cute. I looked at your design blog the other day. Your so creative! Lot's of cute ideas.

  2. I love Jacob's gravestone. It is so perfect for him. You got some great pictures. Love you!

  3. Hey Cassy!What a beautiful headstone! I bet it even looks better in person! Thanks for buying the flowers, they were also beautiful!
    I think the headstone turned out great..you did a great job designing it. We will miss our dear grandson and watching him grow up. Your family is adorable! The pic's were great too!
    Love ya tons! MOM

  4. I LOVE the way Jacob's headstone came out! It's so sweet, and perfect. :) Glad you had a good memorial day.

  5. Hey Cassy... love the headstone! I'll still have to go see it in person sometime. I told Larry about your conversation with the kids. He thought that was cute and then asked why you didn't want to talk to him.. LOL I told him that he was outside working. :)
    Love you!!


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