Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heritage Days Parade

The heritage day's parade was great this year! Our friends actually got to drive these cool old highway patrol cars!
This float was awesome! It definetely was the best float in the parade!
The kids loved collecting all the candy! Due to being at the beginning of the parade....the floats were anxious to throw their candy. SOOOOO...my kids came home with a TON of candy. We actually weighed it when we got home and it weighed 9 pounds. Can you believe it...I put it in the apothecary jar and it was more candy than Halloween. This was TOO much candy so I grabbed some sandwich bags and filled them and had the kids give them to some of the neighbors that we knew hadn't been to the parade. Nobody needs that much candy! So we shared our candy fortune!
This was one of my favorites...who doesn't love the local missionaries. It made me think of my brother on his mission! So proud of you Garrett!
The kids had a great time at the parade. I even did Abbie's hair in this cool firework hairdo! So fun! I also loved all the old cars, this one was my favorite because of it's cool blue color.
We love going every year to the Heritage Day's Parade, such a fun tradition!
Cassy Final

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