Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stop the Car....Idaho is Beautiful

When we left the church house on sunday in Idaho, I was entranced by the lush landscape and fell in love with the scenery. I saw a really cool old house and wanted to stop but, didn't say anything and kept watching the scenery out the window. When the second, cool old house came into view, I asked him to stop. Well, it was more like...."SSSTTTTOOOOOPPP....LOOK AT THAT OLD HOUSE....IT IS SO COOL...................Sooooooo......he SLAMMED ON THE BRAKES...FLIPPED AROUND...and we got out to take pictures. I know not every husband would stop....but, mine knows me well and knows when I get that excited, he better stop...or he'd never hear the end of it...It's a good thing he loves me.....I don't think that many would put up with such randomness...but, it paid off HUGE...because I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!

You are so silly!
The kids were SO good to let me take their photos and I REALLY lucked out because they were already dressed to go to church so, they were already styled for a nice photo. Yeah!! I love the scenery and the kids are pretty cute too! Love you kids!

Cassy Final

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