Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Funny Super Hero's

Have you ever looked out your front window and a smile spreads across your face and you start laughing as you run to get your camera? Well, this is what I saw coming down the street. A wheel barrow full of chicken poop flanked by two super heros. Too funny!
Such a grand entry for a wheel barrow full of poop!
We are getting to plant our garden today and yesterday Reed went to get some fertilizer...okay, be real, it's chicken poop and my two super hero's were flanking their father with a wheel barrow full of it. By the time I got my camera the kids were running to the house across the cul-de-sac with super hero capes flying behind. It was a grand entry for a wheel barrow full of poop.

It was too funny!

The wheel barrow had a low tire, so this was an especially grueling task. Good thing I was stuck in the house cleaning for our house guests that evening. I've never been so happy to be stuck cleaning. LOL

Thanks super heros! You brought it safely home!!

Cassy Final

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