Thursday, June 24, 2010

Idaho Reunion/Father's Day

Right after we ran the "running with angels 5K" we drove home, packed up the car and drove to the family reunion in Idaho. It was near the boarder by Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was gorgeous up there. So picture perfect and meeting family there made it even better!
Isaac and Abbie wanted to keep playing games. Aunt Bonnie and Cousin Becky played many card games with them. So nice!
Rachelle brought all her beading supplies and helped you make a bracelet. I won her beaded watch band with a watch face during the drawing! Yeah me, I love it!
Every reunion we do a drawing. Everyone brings items that they made or want to donate. Then everyone buys tickets and then we draw for each item. This is the last quilt top from my grandmother that my aunts finished for the reunion. This was the coveted item...grandma's last quilt top. Lucky aunt patsy won the quilt!
Then the reunion went to the dogs. Actually a fun dog race. There was competition whose dog was the fastest. The small ones or the bassett hound. Well, the little brown dog won the doggie treat. Next year, Uncle Larry was joking that we'd have to start inviting the sherriff if we were going to have dog races.
Everyone enjoying the beautiful weather and activities!

Across the road from the lodge was a steep trail that led up to a flag on this outcropping of rocks. Shannon, Chris and their neice and nephew climbed it and waved to us when they got to the top. You can barely see shannon's yellow shorts in the picture and this was zoomed in as far as it would go (200 x). 
Of course when you are camping there is that wonderful fire smell. Yum! Cough, Cough...
Abbie received lip balm in our bags from the race, she was constantly putting on her new lip balm.
The kids found a "secret" fort. They loved playing in it. When I took some pictures of them they told me that I shouldn't be in here because it was "secret" and I couldn't see them while they were in it. LOL   You guys make me laugh!

The reunion went through sunday. So, we went to the palisade, Idaho ward for church and then came back to the lodge for lunch before everyone packed up to head home. This had us spending father's day in the outdoors, Reed's favorite! I took some pictures of him with the kids! These are definetely my favorite people in the world!! I love you all!
Happy Father's Day! You are the most considerate, kind, respectful, entertaining, loving, helpful and great dad! Love ya!
Then uncle Larry was kind enough to take my camera and let me get in the picture. It was so beautiful there, it was hard to leave such great scenery! It was so nice to see all of the family and get to visit with everyone! Love you all!

Cassy Final

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