Friday, July 2, 2010

Fire Works and a Patrol Car

Syracuse's Heritage Day's ended with some really awesome fireworks. Our friends had invited us over for a barbecue and to watch the fireworks from their back yard. Last year we actually went over with them to Jensen Park and decided we are only two blocks from there and next year we should stay home and not have to deal with the crowds.

...and that is exactly what we did. Enjoyed the fireworks from their backyard!
This picture looks all "star trek" but, I was just playing around with the different modes on my camera.
The kids were even able to watch the firworks from the trampoline. They loved that they could play and watch the fireworks.
Now, for the reason behind the "patrol car" in the header. You might remember this picture from the last post. It was in the parade and our friends were able to drive one of these cool old Highway Patrol Cars in the parade. Well, it turned out that we were lucky to see this car DRIVING. Apparently it died five blocks into the parade. They had to use a patrol car with the "bumper" thing to push it to the side of the road. Pretty funny! Some guy that works on old cars actually helped them get it started again after the parade. So, our friend thought he'd take the kids for a ride in it died with a car full of kids and they had to walk two blocks home. LOL
So, you might think that Reed is actually "DRIVING" this cool old car but......
No, this is him being "bumpered" back to their house with another patrol car. Too funny! Reed enjoyed it regardless. I even asked if I could take his picture by it and he spread it like I was a police officer. We all started laughing. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him in "frisk"position by the car but, oh well. I was laughing too much.
Such a cool old car, one-of-a-kind and Reed got to drive it...well, sort of!
Cassy Final

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